Sunday, September 9, 2012

Splendid September.

salam people.
hi it's me again hitting the blog update! <---- boring -_______-
yeah people....currently I'm in my 2nd systemic block in 2nd year, Respiratory System.
4weeks course.
I know I should be studying my lung, pleura, larynx anatomy and histology at the moment, cuz I'll be having Mid Course Exam next coming Friday, but I can't resist myself to update my blog.
just a little bit. weee.

hey blog, how are you? weheee~

done with my PBL and assignments for the whole day, yet I splendidly studied and did the assignment while enjoying myself watching 'The Hunger Games'. noob me. I just downloaded it.ah biarlah. no time to watch it at the cinema cuz at that time I was quite packed. and guess what? I fell in love with Peeta. hidung and bibir dia macam my boy! hahahaha!

at the same time, texting him all the way of course, for the whole week he's having latihan menembak. and sometimes complaining, berdengung telinga dok kat lapang sasar. but entitled as a soldier, you just have to bear with it la kan, sayang?  just face the drama. bukannya tak biasa kan dengar bunyi macam tu time saya membebel? muehehehe~

starting of September onwards, lots of my WAG's sister wedding I've missed. alaa bukan taknak attend walaupun cecantik they posted me the invitation cards.. but I can't really go. starting with Kak Nahaida with Lt. Syafiq, then kak Raja Nur Atiqah with Lt. Afiq. same goes to wedding Kak Leen with her spouse, Kapt Hazwan.

*memang menangis sebenarnya nak tengok Navy sword bearer. 3-4 kali dah miss! dulu masa wedding Kak Afai with Lt. Ikhwan kat Lumut, sampai lewat, just a few minutes and I missed it.... grrrr~

I miss my WAG's sister like .... *insert overreacting, drama queen word here*

I do stressed out lately, dunno why.
and surprisingly my body starting to loose weight.
I need to tighten my belt or else my pants will easily get loosen.

pathetic. I knew that my body is showing reaction that I'm under stress but what really makes me stressed out actually?

studies. yeah. kinda bury me up.

last weekend, I had my best Merdeka celebration with his family.
we had barbeque at his sister house.
I had a lot of fun, awesome BBQ party together served with midnight movie 'Insidious'. I had a lot of fun. 
to Bang Long and family, thank you so much. :)

anak-anak buah yang busy menjadi paparazzi snapping around Mak Su and Pak Su photo. :P

even I got the chance to send him back to the camp, first time of course. *menyibuk nak ikut* :P

*after dah berapa lama together :P. terujalah of course. padahal hantar masuk kem je punnn. hahah! tapi sebab malam kot, thats why aku over. :P*

and last night I found this from Dr. Halina's blog, *a must-stalk blog everyweek and everyday whenever I got time :P*

I'm a soon-enough-an-OB&GYNist- in-the-making.
Insyaallah. :)
which route do i take? dare to guess?

okay, that's all for now.
geared up for study back.

bye people. :)


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