Wednesday, January 6, 2010


happy new year my lovey-dovey blog...
sorry..ive been ignoring u since a few weeks..

getting to know the result since the past two days...
doesnt make me happy at all..
and yet...the results was so horrible..
seems like i didnt study much in the first sem...
*tula...sape suh memaen sgt lg..

well,hoping and expecting for the better..
thats what i should start now..
more study...NO MORE MUCH TIME ON LOVE MATTER...*sick of it
well..i'll be a better person..
improving my english as well..
through blogging i guess...

sooooo worst result that i've ever get.

*to mr MFM...congratulations for your outstanding performance.i know u can alwiz do n be the best dear...!pray for me...please?


  1. dak kmkn pandai taw soalan diorg tue senang sgt??? aku pegang yg no2 tue kot...haha
    math ko nie mesti fail kan( ker mmg sumer org failed??) haha....then der sorang dak a-lev nie said patut ler dak kmb tue lbeh2 jer, sbb pandai2!!! i feel so annoyed!!!!! then dier tamatkan jenaka panjangnyer dgn india as usual... the point is, aku kac lah our exam paper kat kwn aku yg wat actuary sc kat kyuem, n dier yg ambek a-lev(kononyer susah sgt) so suprised wth the questions. conclusion donnt be so upset samapi x nak on9 k~ ( i need write my own post!!)

  2. bonny,actly mmg dy pon ckp lecturers bg soalan xder la susah sgt mmg sbb nk tlg diorng pon.sbb tu xterkejutlah 23/70 dpt 4 flat kt kmkn!

    math mmg la fail..band3 kot.phy6 pon same.aku dh xmalu nk gtaw result aku kt orng.hahah!
    xder la sampai xnak online lgsg,just try to lessen my time in front of my lovely lappy facebooking n be a lagharian!hahaha

    well,new sem is the time nk restart all over again.maybe study smart doesnt suits me well..since i've been applying it on my sem1..n the result wasnt blast at all...try to create new style of study after this...

    i've sent a few of my quest kt dak KMKN tue.n i said dun use ur calclator to answer those quest...dy juz..tercengang????hahaha*see...surprised jgk tue...

  3. kinda hard la jgk i have to work harder..:D


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