Friday, December 14, 2012

aku yang tersakiti...

there is a story between a girl and a future air-force officer to-be.

they were in love with each other though they never admit or confess to one another that they were in love. the guy was so caring, and kept accompanying this girl, though sometimes the guy do left her sometimes due to duty calls. and from this guy.. this girl grew to become a strong girl to love a military man. 
just one single thing that makes them cannot keep the love because family matters. the girl is his mother cousin though they were the same age.

the girl took the courage to tell the boy that she loves him. the guy said so as well.

"Girl... I cannot love you. family bound us together."

"Why? we still can get married though."

" Yes i know that. there's no wrong in marrying you my dear but we must think about our future, what will other family members will say? your parents? my parents? I can't... but keep remember. I'll never valued a girl more than I've valued you. it's just I can't. please understand me."

then the girl went frustrated so much. she was disappointed with that guy so much. she tried to forget that guy, and just considering that the guy is his nephew. but she seems failing to do that. the guy keeps a distance away from her. she's really hurt when the guy did like that.

but... she never stop thinking of that air-force guy.

until about a year later... the girl now found her new love.
a bold soldier.

the soldier love this girl so much. the girl also love this soldier. they're enjoying their happy moment together.
until one day... the girl try to contact the air-force man. just to check out his life.

"Girl... I'm happy my best woman ever is in love and having joy and the soldier could give you the happiness that I couldn't give to you."

"I hope we can still be friend..though after all that happen to us. I don't like us to be apart like this although i have my beloved soldier by my side..."

"No...I need to stay away from you... I hope you'll understand how hurt I am when I cannot bear to see his face while at the same time I am happy to see that you're happy with him. cause I'll never be that guy."

the girl cried. don't know exactly why she should cry when she heard the air-force guy said like that. she just felt crestfallen. being thoughtful of the memories of the air-force guy and presently she already have her soldier...

slowly... she just need to accept the reality.. though it is not easy. her life now is with the soldier.. no matter how deep her love for the air-force guy was.

but it is still hard though...

she just hope that one day.. she could love her soldier the way that she used to love the air-force guy....


p/s: just found the idea of writing it, based a true story. :)


  1. sobsobs~ touching, beautiful, heart-breaking, eh banyak sangant pula, hehe.. ^^ somehow i understand sikit, hehe

    1. hehehe... alahai touching lak diaa. :P understand sikit2? ni mesti pernah experience benda yg sama,ye tak? hihi

  2. hi lisa..being ur silent reader all this time..i was also follow ur instagram too,btw,this story so touching laaa..;)

    1. hehehe. thanks for being the silent reader. hehe. yeke ada follow instag? thanks again. :) kalau free2 singgah la selalu. i'll try my best to update :)


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