Monday, February 8, 2010

A HUGE RELIEF.gigantic burden


alhamdulillah.i've submitted my RQ for my Extended Essay.
im doing BIOLogy for my EE.
well,after ms lilie yg-cute-mcm-barbie-doll discuss with ms rohana..
they accepted my RQ and my research outline.they even help me to improve and detailed my RQ!
ouh..thanks soooo much teacher!*tcher nk kotiaw lahuma..??=p
at least for that to some of friends who still cant picturize thier EE RQ yet to submit the proposal after the CNY break!
pray for me...hopefully i'm able to submit my complete proposal after this holiday..=)

gosh....this week...getting very hectic...i kinda blurr during the math lecture today...

MS AZIAN : lisa apahal kau blur sangat hari nie???
LISA: ?????*sambil buat muka kesian kt teacher ngn mata terkebil-kebil..n terpinga-pinga... janganlah marah saya tcher..huhu

plus,the burden as being the secretary for the class PROJEK AMAL ISLAMI is killing me! but to endure those thing i just remember one thing.....*lillahi taala....(T_T)...ikhlaskan diri..yeah~!=p
those all lab reports....pending homeworks..tonnes of remeh-temeh things..hak2..
the club affairs...dancerobic grup practice...culinary club planning activity...huh...peak!

hope i'll make it through!go miss lisa~~~~~


  1. huhu.. it's just the beginning of the whole mess of ib. hope u doin' well in ur ee and what's not for all the ib stuff. ganbatte!!!

  2. hee...kak gee..letak comment lisa kt tajuk post blog sendiri nampaknyer...hehe
    thanks akak!!!!
    well,do pray 4 me!btw,kak gee buat ee apa?


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