Saturday, August 18, 2012

haematology love-hate

salam and greeting readers, I really wanna update my blog since last weekend, but life is just too busy to handle with and to be settled, cuz I just moved into a new house.well aware of it, I'll just briefly write.

my journey as a 2nd year MBBS student of CUCMS has just started last week. Alhamdulillah. starting with Haematology block, in which I'll be dealing stuff regarding blood disorders like leukeamia, thalassemia, haemophilia and anaemia, *just to name a few. since it is only a 3week course, and isn't that easy, the lectures are quite packed. Incoming the Clinical Skills Training, Pengajian Islam as well as I'll be joining Wataniah in this sem as my extra co-curricular activities. herm, still asking for opinion but seems like Wataniah is the only option left, other than joining the Young MERCY *in which i didn't have interest in it that much.

this week is the 2nd week of Haematology, and a mid-course assessment on Friday which is today,*I had my exam this morning before we're going for our Raya break. all I can say.. I've done my best and let God do the rest.

Imagine... I've been spending half of my fasting month at home, and the new semester re-open just in the middle of this Holy month, have to go back to college for two weeks, *in which I'm very half-hearted to come back...sit for the mid-course exam while everyone is busying themselves to prepare for Raya, and I can only go back to my hometown on the Raya eve, a night before Raya strikes. what do you expect?


being a medical student ain't that easy.
or is it being me ain't that easy?

I guess, I'll go for the second one.

he's back from Alpha Routine.
48 days deployment.
for a starter, for a 1st timer.
I'm proud of myself I've come until this far.
at least, it prepares me for far more worst condition in the future.
yeah.. it awaits me.
I guess he prepares me well not to pampered me too much of lots of spending time together, and thus, when he's away.. I didn't feel lost that much. I survived.
plus I believe in one quote ; distance only makes your heart grow fonder.
hey You, thank you. (:

I had an ifthar with him today. before he goes back to his hometown for Raya break.
just a few hours, and splendidly I treasure and try not to miss out any second or any moment of it.
I miss him so much.
while passing by the PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Centre), I said

- nanti saya grad kat sini la.
- bila?
- somewhere end of 2016.
- nak saya datang ke?
- saya dah naik kapal mungkin time tu...

herm. what a price to pay.

up until today, I don't know why. sometimes. I just can't have the life like the other normal girls.
especially when I'm already stuck in a Navy-Medical Student relationship.
tough man.
it's been always like

-cuti berselisih.
-dia free, aku pulak exam.
-dia busy training, aku pulak free goyang kaki.
-i don't have much time to bergayut, or borak berjam-jam on the phone like the other always did. cuz sometimes i will feel rasa bersalah bila masa study aku guna untuk bergayut, or masa tu aku boleh buat something yang lebih berfaedah.
- and thank God, he hates Skype soo much! haha! <--- time saver!

even for my Mid-course assessment ni, punya laaa dilemma nak decide, nak keluar dengan dia tu kejappp je. hati malaikat cakap kena balik cepat-cepat sebab aku nak balik study, and even during the iftaar, makan depan dia aku selak notes. macam biasa. hati syaithon cakap, nak stay lama lagi sebab lama tak jumpaaaa.

but I rather choose the first opt. and even he understand me wanna study for the exam. :)

ironically, no matter what happen.I choose to stay. not to leave him.
cuz for me, I'll never give up or surrender until at least my suffering is paid off.
God fate?
yeah I decide, and Allah let it happen.

until when? I don't know. I'll rest my case to God.

I miss home now. seriously.
to all readers, Happy Eidulfitri.
may all of you have the best Eid with your family and your loved ones.

bye peeps.


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    1. hehe.. kena rajin belajar laaa medic ni. :))

  2. I really love Kak Lisa punya blog ... XD

    simple n nice .. =D

    serious best !!! .

    Saya pun ada blog .. tapi x best mcm Kak Lisa punya lah .. heheh

    1. hee. thanks dear. do visit my blog lagi.
      my blog xde ape yg spesel mcm blogger yg femes tuuu.
      ape yg ade, bout my life and merepek2 things as a med student who've gone mad so far. :P

  3. kak lisa,sy suka cara u deliver ur story...nice
    insyaallah jikajodoh tak akan kemane

    1. insyaAllah, thx for visiting my blog dear! :D

  4. hye suke bace blog awak,insyaallah kalu ade jodoh ta ke mane .mcm i pulak agaknye jodoh tade maybe.his lieutenant also in army n we have been together about setahun lebih da , tp ta tawu mslhnye ape he missing suddenly he leave me without any words.yela people leave and change.bnyk memori bersame tp kalu dye da na pilih pd life dye why should i do i just must to give myself a chance to go on,kdg2 dlm bile solat mmg menangis mntk allah kuatkan story u which is a lieutenant dear to be insyaallah ade jodoh korang mesti smpi ke jinjang pelamin n take ur relationship and always make a du'a :)

    1. im really touched to hear ur story. insyaAllah, anything that happen, happen for a reason. and I strongly believe that you're such a strong girl who can get through all this. :)

      thanks for the du'a as well. sy aminkan. :) semoga apa yang anda doakan menjadi kenyataan. insyaAllah, meskipun Allah tak percepatkan, namun sy mohon Dia permudahkan. :)

      to you, semoga beroleh yang terbaik dalam kehidupan anda. :)

      do visit my blog again, *though i rarely got time to update! hihi

  5. hye suke bace blog u.insyaallah ade jodoh ta kemane.mcm i pulak maybe tade jodoh agaknye his lieutenant also in army we hv been together setahun lebih da since before his commission at kolej tentera ta tawu ape masalahny he leave me suddenly without any words.yela people leave n change.bnyk memori bersame,but past is past i must give a chance to myself move on.kdg2 bile solat mesti menangis mntk allah kuatkan semangat maybe ade yg lg terbaik.for u lieutenant dear to be insyaallah take care ur relationship bia smpi ke jinjang pelamin n always make a du'a and he can bring u into jannah.

  6. salam,

    being a meds student is not easy! seriously, like you have to know everything but too little time to learn! tertarik ddengan cerita kekalutan di bulan puasa dan hari raya anda, tapi sebenarnya, thats the price we have to pay, in order to be a good doctor in future. me, myself is a meds student, final year, in indonesia. our system here is not as same as system in our clinical year, we already being called as "dokter muda", which means, we have our own responsibility in taking care patients. we have our own patient to take care, we have our own ward round everyday to be settled, and not to mention, we have oncall(s) too. some of the rotation forced us to work(oncall) 3 times per week, and that actually tiring enough for us, medical student. just imagine how we had a hectic one night oncall, but the next day, we got a big exam to attend. seriously, its killing, mentally and physically too. we dont even have time to study!tapi itulah uniknya cara pembelajaran medical student di indonesia, mereka lebih banyak practical dari membaca teori2. ilmu-ilmu yang kami dapat berdasarkan pengalaman, bukan teori, sebab tu di kalangan student dari indonesia yang jadi HO di malaysia, kami sangatlah tergolong lemah, dari segi penguasaan teori, mungkin salah satu sebab, lack of time to study. but alhamdulillah, kami tak kalah hebatnya apabila dibandingkan dari segi practical dan menguruskan patient.

    itu bukan saya nak cerita sebenarnya, just bila cerita pasal malam raya, teringat dah dua tahun berturut-turut saya hanya mampu bertakbir di ER hospital, atas tugasan yang tak dapat dielakkan. tapi betul, ni adalah antara memori terindah yang sy dapatkan dalam hidup, berkhidmat ketika orang lain bergembira itu tak mudah, perlukan keikhlasan setulus mungkin, tapi takpe, pasti dibayar pahala. ;)

    bercakap pasal cinta hati, kita di laluan yang sama, orang yg saya sayang juga berkhidmat di dalam navy. sangat jarang dapat jumpa memandangkan saya sendiri study di negara orang, lebih parah, ada ketika bila pulang ke malaysia, dia pulak berlayar pergi tempat lain. ya Allah, kadang-kadang rasa jugak sedih bila tak dapat jumpa, bayangkan dating pon 6 bulan sekali! haha. tapi takpe, ni just sebagai latihan kalau esok lusa tulat, kita nak hidup dengan dia kan. yang penting, sentiasa sayang, setia dan sedia berkorban! haha, keluar motto navy!.

    sorry la terpanjang pulak komen! excited jumpa blog yang cerita hidup lebih kurang sama! haha.;)

    till then, take care. salam.

    first time jumpa blog meds student-navy relationship

  7. hehe. at last.. i finally found someone who share the same ship as mine! hehehe. yeap, true enough,stuck in med student-navy relationship isn't that easy... susah nk cari orang yg experience the same thing. i know that feeling. i have a colleague that also have navy as her significant other, med student final year now kat india. same thing. from her actually i kinda get my strength to hold on. serius, kalau tak sabar...tak boleh cope..rasanya dah lama quit. but we decide, we must go thru it right?

    mine mybe wasnt dahsyat as yours smpai dating 6bulan sekali *hehe normal agknya sebab you study overseas, itu mungkin your part. but my part though i study local..ada own challenges jugak. huhu.

    but Allah test within our capability lah kan? redha :)

    anyhow, do visit my blog often after this. boleh juga berkenal2n. :)

    nice to know you jannah! :D


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