Saturday, September 1, 2012

pre-peri-post of Raya! :D

salam and greeting people.
I bet it is never too late to wish everyone Happy Eid Mubarak.
guess what, I hate when there too many things too tell yet I'm busy doing lots of thinggggsss??
*why there's so many THINGGS in my previous sentence? HAHAHA!

actually...I'm enjoying my Raya to the fullest, bake some cookies for my dearest family and future in for open house at home, changing my braces band to daring red, *hewhewhew :3, Raya cuti ends, proceed with the classes. the classes were too pack, haematology is getting on my nerves always, never be nice. and the mangsa?
of course my dearest seaman, He's my dearest punching bag. LOL

okay, to begin with.. I'll start chronologically from the Raya night.

#Raya eve
aha, my raya? it was splendid. but the journey to go back to Kedah a day before Raya strikes was entirely full of drama. to conclude, I'm actually almost get a mini heart-attack when there is no radio taxi/public transport i could call for me to go to the bus station from my house and nobody left at home since everyone has going back for raya, I'm the last person to leave the house, empty house side by side, and I'm desperately to look for people who are willing to send me to the bus station! but eventually thanks to my classmate, Hazim Onn who being my Raya savior. kalau tidak, memang bertakbirlahh aku sensorang kat rumah sewa ni tak balik rayaaa.huu sdeyyy~

Alhamdulillah, after 6 hour on the road, the traffic was quite smooth I reached home, safely and still sound at 3pm in the morning, was zombie-ing finding for my bed and sleep like a dead log and when I woke up during Fajr he texted me, as he always did on Raya day..

"Jangan lupa mandi sunat raya tau budak comot. :)"
"Ok la berlemoihhhhhh~"

#1st day of Raya, going back to Perak. 

#2nd day of Raya, dash off to Penang.

#3rd day, went to visit my grand uncle who were warded in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh :)

#4th day, back to Kedah. this is one of the best thing ever happen this Eid. he came to my house, to meet my dad :)
the moment he came into my house, my dad and him talked bout Navy things. let me remind you, non stop talking and this is the first time they met! and some of the terms that I didn't familiar with, including divers and bla.. bla.. bla.. IDK what it is, but to listen to their conversation just pleased me as it seems. I'm quite surprised cuz Ayah won't simply talk with someone unless they've got something in common to talk with. and I guess, they've found out the similarities and I rate it... NOT BAD.

I saw he flipped through the photo album that Ayah showed him. pictures when he's still in Navy service sailing to Italy about 15 years ago. 
senyum jelah menengok Ayah dengan dia bersembang that day, rasa macam boleh masuk je. dia pun melayannn jerrr~ :P *macam terpaksa sebab ayah macam teruja bersembang. hahaha!

insyaAllah, hopefully, more to come. :)

#5th day, the making of hazelnut buttercookies. 355 pieces! these are for my future in laws family. :) kak long request sebab cakap sedap! hihihi~

#6th day, went back to MRSM Kubang Pasu, looking for beloved and lovely teachers. what a day.

#7th day, cooking for open house. mee kari. heww. and my hazelnut buttercookies are cleared! wuuuu~

#8th day, went to Sg Petani Orthodontic Clinic to see my dentist.
 blue band is transformed to be daring red... andd... ta-daaaa!

then straight away going back to land of Selangor. :)

#a week after raya story
it is not cool to know that 60 out of the 86 students failed the Mid Course Haematology held on the last day before we going back for Raya holiday..indeeeddddddd, this course is a bit challenging * a lottt actuallyyy. ohh nooo Lisa is exaggerating!, packed lecture, hard to understand and I mistakenly take Haematology for granted since its only a 3week course, and expected, I'm one of the failure listed. :/ moral down satu hariiiiii. lepastu episod emo dengan seaman pun bermulaaaa~

kesian everytime aku nak emo je mesti dia jadi punching bag. hahaha!
then he said 
" takpaaa, final pulun study sampai lebam okay? kalau boleh buat saya belanja makan aiskrim BR. nak?" hewhewhew :3
okay nak, satu pint punya. boleh?
nak tibai sensoranggg~ kuikuikui tamak.
lepastu gemokkk pun sensoranggg.kbai.

then goes my Final Course Haematology last Thursday.
indeed I hate this week cuz I have to struggle myself studying like the world is going to end tomorrow... okay, exaggerating againnn~ -_____________- cuz usually we'll be having exams on Friday but since the national Day falls on Friday, Friday is off. the exam is on Thursday. totally hate it. 
urghhhh. done.

then last but not least, on 31st of August,
Happy 55th Independence Day of Malaysia! :D

Terima Kasih Perwiraku!

let this picture speaks a thousand words. :)

okay, that's all for now. 
gotta geared up soon cuz my seaman is coming to pick me for a family function.
bye peeps!
have a nice weekend people!


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