Wednesday, November 30, 2011

failed wordless wednesday.

hate when people asking what the hell IB is?
well people, this is the hell that you want to know.
IB stands for International Baccalaureate.
I did this as my foundation programme.
Kolej MARA Seremban and Kolej MARA Banting is the main IB World School in Malaysia.

for God sake, i tell you people.
this hell teach me how to be a really better person.
this hell taught me how a real life is. never full with a bed of roses.
this hell teach me things that I never expected I'll be doing in my life ever.
this hell have shifted my pathway and journey of  my life to an alienated world that I can never imagined.

this isn't mine. but i already own this.
bila IBO nak pos kat Malaysia aku punya sijil ni?

hell yeah. never thought I've made through it.


Allahu Khairul Makirin.
(He is The Best Planner)
I am what I am now. never regret of it. 
I am thankful of what I am today.


  1. Salam lisa, sebenarnya kan lisa you can get the diploma at college..Go and meet pn ct mary as she is the one who kept our diploma and btw, I also went through the same things when everyone asked me what actually IB?? tetapi tidak boleh slahkan mereka 100% maybe sebb mereka jarang dengar pasal IB as biasanya mereka selalu dengar tentang other foundation such al-level, ausmate and so on...

  2. eh..akak buat IB ke buat A level kt msu?huhu..

  3. @suhana hashim : i did my IB kat kolej mara seremban. bila plak kak lisa masuk msu ni? :P

  4. @amal : its a normal thing la. lisa tak kisah pun. faham ib ni tak femes sebab tak ramai yg buat ib.. hehe. kira special la kannn. :P


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