Saturday, December 10, 2011

extended manuscript. no more extended essay.

already start of something new for my coming 2012.
hopefully one year is enough for me to complete it.
yeah, my target is only one year to accomplish it.
may this dream come true.
despite a challenge of being a medical student, hope God make me easy in this mission too.
in the process of writing my first manuscript.

inspired by this line :
Kakanda di medan perang, adinda di medan seni. :)

planning of making my CCISP to be a real novel.
just to share ups and downs being a military partner.
after watching some video, some writing of thought..
i think it's interesting to reveal how is a military partner actually feels.
it is less revealed in our country, how those man that belongs to the nation serves for the country.

well dear civilian, its not that easy.
i think im gonna write more about that.
put some conflict.
some new experiences to share.
military life from a perspective of a military partner of course.
some drama.
so that you'll get a rough picture
how does it feels like.

well people, i take this a challenge then to write.
Mom and friends who entitled to be a military partner... you are my inspiration.
Dear John, The Last Valentine,Leftenan Adnan, Pearl Harbour.

may Allah ease.


  1. why dont lisa kawen je dlu dgn military guy..lg senang nk dpt feel.. hehe ..pujuk la parents tu..inshaAllah dpt..

  2. @izzad afif : he's bound to the government contract that he can't get married until he's graduated and commisioned.after tauliah baru boleh kawen, habis kuat pun boleh tunang je dulu.
    its about 4-5 years to go if nak kahwin pun. insyaAllah. :)

  3. Spam kejap blog hang. wahaha!

    untuk tajuk kalau hang blur2 tak tau nak buh apa boleh consult dgn aku. lol

  4. i got your back lisa! go forth with this great idea!

  5. @zinedine zaiddin
    haa boleh saja. dgn hang apa pun jadi. LOL

    @ian suffi
    thanks pian! insyaAllah. i hope i can write it well, since my skill is getting worse. :P


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